Formulating the right autumn fertiliser product

11th October 2019

GreenBest has access to a huge range of fertiliser products and materials suitable for use in the autumn. Our experience and technical knowledge allow us to blend the perfect product for your customers. Read on to find out more about what makes a suitable autumn fertiliser and why...
When approaching the colder months of the year, it is important to strengthen turf against both pests and fungal attacks. This will prevent damage to the turf and save money on disease treatments. Ensuring the turf is provided with the right mix of nutrients will support healthy development in the autumn and prepare the turf for the winter dormancy period. 
Grasses become particularly vulnerable to disease when under stress. From the heavy traffic of a rugby pitch to the close mowing of a golf green, stress is inevitable in sports turf. In addition, warm damp conditions during the autumn create the perfect environment for fungi to attack. Use of fertilisers that help to increase the plant's stress tolerance and water regulation become very important. Potassium helps with stomatal control and will regulate the level of water intake, this is why autumn/winter fertilisers commonly contain higher levels of potassium in the analysis.  
Application of high nitrogen fertilisers in times when the plant's growth is slowing should be avoided as this will cause soft growth which is particularly susceptible to attack. Soft growth can be avoided with the use of slow and controlled release nitrogen sources, in particular, temperature controlled coated nitrogen materials become very effective as they will slow the release of nitrogen to match the temperature and therefore the growth of the plant.  
 If you are looking to add a new fertiliser product to your range  for this coming season please talk to a member of the sales team who will be able to discuss your needs and formulate a product that fits your needs.
Simon Gillett (BSc) Hons
Product Development and Sales Manager
GreenBest Ltd

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