GreenBest Lawnforum is off to a great start. Be a part of it!

13th December 2015


Know your fertiliser. Know your supplier


GreenBest Lawnforum is a new regional event providing exciting networking opportunities for Lawn-Care Professionals around the country.

A large part of the day is centred on discussions. A rare and valuable chance for lawn care professionals to share knowledge on the topics that matter most, and of course providing great networking opportunities.

Supplier presentations focus on topics designed to help the lawn care industry get the most value from their fertiliser in terms of profits, add-on sales and value for their customers. It is a great opportunity for attendees to get to know GreenBest and appreciate how their bespoke own-brand fertiliser service can benefit their business.

The feedback from Lawnforum Warrington, Berkshire and Bristol has been overwhelmingly positive. GreenBest hopes with a continued roll-out in 2016 that Lawnforum will continue to support the development of the UK lawn care industry.

Look out for the next event coming soon. Contact us for more information.

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