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1st June 2019

Finding the right fertiliser product for your lawn care business can be complicated. The amenity market offers a wealth of options but not all of these are cost effective or suitable for use on a domestic lawn. The best approach is to consider your goals and choose with these in mind.

Spring is the time to apply high nitrogen fertiliser for lush green growth. A product with slow release nitrogen will curb excessive mowing. It should also maintain the lush green growth right up until the next treatment in the summer.

In summer you may need to apply a product with a low scorch potential, one that doesn’t need to be watered in. Organic material and biostimulants (e.g. seaweed extract) can also be applied to increase drought tolerance, keeping the lawn greener for longer and helping it recover quicker.

In autumn it’s desirable to use a product high in potassium. This will strengthen the roots and prepare the grass for disease resistance through the winter ahead.  Avoid applying high levels of nitrogen in autumn/winter as this will cause soft growth that is susceptible to disease.

Products containing iron (Fe) or magnesium oxide (MgO) can be used any time of year to quickly green up the lawn. When using iron containing products avoid applying to hard surfaces such as patios and decking as staining can occur.

GreenBest Ltd has been blending high-quality lawn care fertiliser for 14 years. We specialise in manufacturing bespoke fertilisers at competitive prices. For more advice on lawn fertiliser and to get a quote please get in touch.

Written by Daisy Lacey Bsc (Hons), Sales and Product Development Manager at GreenBest Ltd

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