What makes a good Summer Lawn Fertiliser?

20th June 2019

The hot, dry summer weather presents some challenges when it comes to lawn fertiliser treatments. Understanding the solutions to the problems faced can help when choosing the correct product to apply.

The summer season presents lawn care with many problems. The most notable of these is scorching after fertiliser application. In this article we look at why fertiliser scorches lawns and how it can be prevented thus allowing you to get on with your treatments regardless of the weather.

Scorching of a lawn occurs when high levels of salty standard release nutrients are applied to the leaves or soil. Just as salt is used to reduce the water content of cured meats such as beef jerky, the salty fertiliser draws moisture out of the plant through the leaves or roots. In the summer this problem is amplified because water is already evaporating at a high rate from the leaves and soil.

The traditional way of avoiding scorched lawns is to apply fertiliser products when rain is expected or, if available, to artificially irrigate the lawn with a hose or sprinkler system. This is not always ideal as there may be periods of time when no work can be carried out and no money earned. The ideal situation would be to apply a fertiliser that will not scorch the lawn even if it is not watered in.

Drought Safe, manufactured by GreenBest Ltd, is formulated to be non-scorch and is perfect for application during the summer months when other products will cause damage. 100% of the nitrogen in the fertiliser is from organic and coated sources, this offers the perfect combination for a few important benefits. Firstly, the coated and organic nitrogen require water to start releasing nutrients so once applied the product will not harm the lawn until activated by the return of rain. Secondly, the coated nitrogen is designed to give feeding longevity of three months, meaning the lawn will be supported right through until your autumn treatment. The gradual release pattern of the coated nitrogen allows slow steady growth which does not require excessive mowing. Lastly, the organic ingredient acts as a soil conditioner and provides vital trace elements and other nutrients vital for healthy growth. Long term use of organic based fertilisers is known to benefit soil life and over time create a disease free, healthy lawn.

drought safe lawn fertiliser
Drought Safe 2-3mm granule size.
Also available in 1.5mm size.

It’s worth remembering that no fertiliser can stop a lawn going brown due to drought in the summer months, however, Drought Safe is formulated to help maintain a green lawn as long as possible in these conditions and also prepares the lawn for faster green up when the rain returns. If you (or your customer) do want to irrigate the lawn it is best to do this in the early morning, late evening or during the night as temperatures are lower and less water will evaporate. Always apply lawn fertiliser at the recommended rate; we advise regular calibration of your spreader to monitor your application rates.

GreenBest Ltd has been blending high-quality lawn care fertiliser for 18 years. We specialise in manufacturing bespoke fertilisers at competitive prices. If you would like more information on Drought Safe or any of our other professional lawn products please talk to one of our sales team.

Written by Daisy Lacey Bsc (Hons), Sales and Produc t Development Manager at GreenBest Ltd
Email: sales@greenbest.co.uk Tel: +44 (0)1963 364788

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